Let’s Get Clinical!

So if the Vet Vault is all about creating a sustainable and fulfilling career, then why all the clinical content? 

Good question! Here’s the thing – during our conversations with people from all over the profession we’ve noticed something: the vets who seem to be the most content with their careers – the ones who speak enthusiastically about work – are usually also very good at their jobs. Basically – they’re the ones who really know their stuff!

That’s because competence breeds confidence, and confidence is key. 

When you feel well equipped to do your job and you know that you are the best person for the job, you shine. And when you shine you help those around you shine (Humans and otherwise!). 

That’s why we decided to help you lift your clinical game with the help of some of the best specialists from across the profession. But we don’t do lectures. We do conversations about challenges, insights, updates, and even the stuff ups. It’s not just a re-hash of what the textbooks say, but rather ‘this is what I do.’

The back bone of Vet Vault Clinical is our series of podcasts, because, well, we love podcasts, and we don’t believe that there is a more convenient and engaging way to get new ideas directly into your skull than plugging in your headphones and connecting one on one with the person on the other end. (And who has time to sit still and scroll through hours of articles, textbooks  and webinars, right?)

It’s like sitting around with a very clever friend over a coffee or a beer and asking them ‘so what’s new’, or ‘hey, can you clarify something for me?” In fact, this is exactly what we do when we record the podcasts, and we are learning ‘sh….. A LOT,’ to quote Gerardo, and having a lot of fun in the process, and we think you will too.

Here are a couple of mini episodes to show you the kind of content we are creating, that we think every vet should hear, so feel free to share it with your colleagues

Dermatology: Ears part 1

Dr Jeff Tinsley is a dermatology resident and lover of all things skin.  We were fortunate to have Jeff with us on the Vet Vault Clinical podcast to talk us through what the perfect first consult with the itchy red ear case should look like.

Download the show notes above

#Antibiotics in Young Animals with Dr Jill Maddison

Speaking of using antibiotics in a sensible way…were you taught that all cases with haemorrhagic diarrhoea need antibiotics? And we all know that the best antibiotic for GI disease is metronidazole, right? But wait… what if we told you that both of these commonly held ‘truths’ are simply not true?!

Professor Maddison did a fantastic episode with us on the subscriber-only podcast (link to super cast) that covers all of the myths and facts on antibiotic usage in GI disease. Click here to download the show notes for that episode, including a guide for sensible antibiotic choices in septic patients.

Download the definitive PDF guide for when to use antibiotics in GI disease above

#FIP: A Cure For FIP: Dr Dave Collins

In this clip taken from our clinical podcast , we share some highlights of a recording with our resident medicine specialist, Dr Dave Collins. Find out all the details about some new treatments that are showing very high cure rates for FIP.

Download the PDF for a detailed treatment guide for FIP using Remdesivir above

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Why are the clinical episodes hosted as a separate subscription based entity from the original Vet Vault? There are several reasons for this:

1. We wanted to make it easier for the listener to find the topics that they want. So we have split them into our performance and thrive episodes, then the clinical topics separate. That way they’re easily searchable by topic and you don’t have to scroll your thumb raw to get to the thing you want to learn about. Especially because we’re guessing that you’ll usually be doing something else while you learn.

2. They original Vet Vault will remain the same and will always be free to the veterinary community. We love getting and giving inspiration from our fantastic guests, and I still think that this is our main mission: to spread good vibes and connection and to tackle the thorny issues that you’ll face as a vet.

3. When we planned to launch the clinical podcast, we made a commitment to make it a really impactful and informative resource for veterinary professional development.  We want to connect with the best of the best guests and team up with specialists from all over the world. All of that takes an immense amount of time, time away from our paid jobs and family, and money!  Yes, we could have gone for sponsorship, but we suspect that when it comes to clinical content that advertising would a – annoy you, b – corrupt us to pander to the sponsors and c – erode the authenticity of the content.

Join our community of likeminded veterinary professionals for resources, case and industry discussions, connection and more.

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