VV Clinical: Next level imaging of the GI tract, with Prof. Alice Defarges (Part 2)

In this episode Alice talks about imaging of the gi tract when you suspect gastro-intestinal bleeding, and specifically the use of capsule endoscopy. This is not an entirely new thechnology, but for a long time it’s been very limited in it’s usefulness to veterinarians. However, in recent years advances in tech in this field has significantly increased it’s utility. Alice talks us through when to use it, how to use it, what it’s not good for, and what it’ great for. Our guest for this episode is brought to you by ALICAM. ALICAM is the world’s first veterinary capsule endoscopy unit. It’s a revolutionary way to easily image the gastro-intestinal tract with unsurpassed detail and accuracy, and is achievable at any level of practice. 

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