#Compounding: Everything you need to know about veterinary compounding

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Other than conundrums around the legalities of labelling and wondering if you’re allowed to stock any compounded meds for ’emergency use’, drug compounding is probably not something that most of us give a lot of thought to. You pick a dose, write a script, and your patient gets what they need, right? Right? 

But what about quality? Does someone regulate what goes into the meds you prescribe? And can we be sure that the active ingredients are ‘active’ – are they doing what they’re supposed to? Surely someone checks that?! One version of drug X is the same as another, right? 

 Fear not – we have you covered. Gerardo and Hubert recently facilitated a group discussion and QnA session about exaclty these questions. This episode is the result of that session and answers all the questions you’ve (n)ever asked about veterinary compounding. (Including how to label them!)

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