#109: Why Lifelong Learning Is Critical For Joy, Who Regulates The Regulators, and The Changing Face of Continuing Education. With Dr Zoe Lenard.

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In this episode, Dr Zoe Lenard shares with us the importance of continuous learning for a fulfilling veterinary career, both in technical and non-technical aspects. She discusses adult learning, the pitfalls of perfectionism, and the impact these have on personal growth.

Dr Zoe Lenard is a dynamic radiologist with a passion for connection and excellence. Her big-picture goal is to promote a culture of high-performing, sustainable veterinary teams. She works as a clinical radiologist, business owner, and teacher, in referral practice at Animalius in Perth, Western Australia. She is an adjunct professor in Radiology at City University Hong Kong, and has a wealth of experience teaching graduate veterinarians, both through GP education and in resident training.

But Zoe’s interests go beyond radiology; she’s also the inaugural Chair of the Sustainable Practice Committee of the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, a role that aims to promote high-performing, sustainable veterinary teams.

In this conversation, Zoe explains her work and how the committee supports professional growth within the veterinary ecosystem in Australia, and how the boards are working to change the perception that they are there just to police us. We discuss the current state of continuing education: how we measure it, it’s efficacy, and what could be changing in the field of CPD, including the regulation of veterinary nurses in Australia.

Topic list:

5:17 No one actively makes a bad decision.

10:24 If you stop learning, life becomes boring.

21:59 Where does the Sustainable Practice Committee fit into Aus Vet science?

30:48 Zoe’s hopes for future CPD.

46:28 Practical tips for being an engaged practitioner.

53:42 Regulation of the veterinarian nurses and why it’s important.

64:05 What Zoe would like to say as the representative of the boards.

66:07 Zoe’s favourite books.

69:00 Zoe’s one piece of advice to new grad vets.


For updates about the work of the SPC and its projects (including CPD), check the AVBC website.

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“We make the best decisions we can, and we hopefully learn from them.”

“If you can get vets to think about what engages them in their career and help them find a path to continue that engagement, then you’ll have a lot more buy-in for that career.”


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