#114: "The Kidneys Are Not Toilets That You Can Flush": New Thinking On Managing Nephrotoxin Ingestion In Veterinary Patients. With Dr Corrin Boyd and Dr Leonel Londoño.

The puppy that ate the box of NSAIDs, the lab who found the bag of sultanas, cats and lilies – you know what to do: whack them on twice maintenance fluids for a few days to flush out the toxin and protect the kidneys, right? But wait. Have you ever stopped to think about HOW IV fluids increase toxin excretion? What if we told you that it DOESN’T?!

In this episode critical care specialists Dr Leonel Londoño and Dr Corrin Boyd explain why the standard approach of fluid therapy for nephrotoxin ingestion in veterinary patients not only doesn’t make any sense, but can actually be harmful. We recap renal physiology and discuss a better plan than having a healthy bouncy patient on fluids in your hospital for 2 days.

Dr Corrin Boyd is  a registered veterinary specialist in emergency medicine and critical care who works and teaches  at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, and Dr Leonel Londoño is clinical assistant professor of emergency and critical care and director of the hemodialysis unit at University of Florida. His research interests include renal and non-renal applications of extracorporeal purification techniques, endothelial and glycocalyx pathophysiology in the critically ill, and hospital-acquired acute kidney injury. 


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