#116: Making Linear Foreign Body Surgery Less Scary And Getting Better Outcomes. With Dr Bronwyn Fullagar.

If you find surgery even remotely appealing, then chances are a good old intestinal foreign body removal ranks high on your list of favourites. But GI surgery can be a lot less fun when faced with a linear foreign body, and patient outcomes can be potentially be much worse.

This episode with specialist surgeon Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar is packed with invaluable insights to make your linear foreign body surgeries smoother, less scary, and increase your chances of success.

Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar is an Australian specialist surgeon based in the US. Her passion lies in sharing knowledge to elevate our skills as surgeons and promote our overall well-being. She does her teaching through speaking engagements, publications, through her role as Director of Surgical Education for the Veterinary Emergency Group, and with frequent appearances on the Vet Vault Clinical podcasts.

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