#117: Purpose, Passion, and Persistence: Creating Unicorns For A More Resilient Veterinary Profession. With Dr Geoff Wilson. .

‘Resilience’ can be a very loaded word: where is the line between ‘toxic resilience’ that relies mostly on stubborn grit and self-sacrifice, and a deep sustainable resilience that stems from a much deeper place?

Dr Geoff Wilson is intimately familiar with resilience: veterinarian down to the core, Dr Geoff lives a vast and varied life split between being a family man, veterinarian, practice owner, entrepreneur, and expeditionist. Highlights from Geoff’s adventurer career include completing the longest solo, unsupported polar journey in human history, the fastest solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica, the first to cross the Torres Strait by kiteboard, the first and only wind-assisted crossing of the Sahara Desert (2009), and the first wind-powered crossing of the Simpson Desert in Australia. Geoff’s newest adventure, Project Zero, is a net-zero docu-series documenting a voyage that explores some of the world’s most isolated and vulnerable environments and the visible impact of global warming on these landscapes, and engaging with the world’s leading climate scientists, advocates and initiatives.

You’d think that for someone like this, the challenges of working in veterinary science would be insignificant, but that’s not the case. In this conversation Geoff takes us on a journey through the peaks and troughs of his own experiences in vet life, and beyond, shedding light on the dangers of pushing ourselves too far and the pitfalls of ‘toxic resilience’, vs utilising passion, purpose, and persistence to help shape true resilience. Geoff helps us explore how vulnerability, optimism and a service mindset support resilience, and he opens up about a unique program at his group of practices, VetLove, that is designed to cultivate ‘unicorns’ – exceptional vets who thrive under the weight of demanding expectations, and how they are trying to find that delicate balance of nurturing growth without breaking spirits.

Topic list:

03:29 From Polar Expeditions to Veterinary Practice: Jeff’s Unique Journey

04:27 Cultivating True Resilience in the Veterinary Field

13:21 The Vet Love Resilience Program: Shaping Exceptional Veterinarians

35:49 Addressing the Challenges of Modern Veterinary Practice

35:49 The Importance of Support and Community in Veterinary Medicine

43:58 Navigating Difficult Clients: Zero Tolerance

45:38 Transforming Customer Service

46:55 Building a Positive Work Environment Amidst Challenges

51:44 Redefining Veterinary Education and Practice for Future Generations

54:20 The Power of Positivity

01:05:23 Balancing Passion with Personal Well-being

01:24:17 Final Thoughts: Embracing the Veterinary Profession with Optimism and Resilience



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