#118: 6 Steps To Solving Acute Respiratory Distress. With Dr Rob Webster.

You know that feeling when the ‘not breathing well’ patient gets rushed to your crash bench, and you stand there with your stethoscope trying to look like your planning, but actually, you’re just panicking… You have to do something, but what? Where do you begin?!  This is exactly why I loved this conversation with ECC specialist and Director of Animal Emergency Australia, Dr Rob Webster, about the 6 steps that will help you localise the problem in the respiratory distress patient. Because once you localise it, you have a DD list, and you have a plan. Dr Rob guides us through the first minutes of assessing the respiratory distress veterinary patient and shows us how to quickly assess breathing patterns and sounds to help you pin-point and fix the problem.

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Topic list: 

 5:49 Step 1: Evaluate respiratory effort. 

 11:31 Step 2: Is the breathing noisy? 

 20:22 Step 3: Is the chest wall intact? 

28:16 Step 4: Is the breathing fast and shallow? 

36:27 Step 5: Fast and shallow, but with nothing abnormal on lung imaging. 

38:01 Step 6: Non-respiratory causes.



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