#124: So You Want To Sit The Membership Exams? Your Questions About ANZCVS Memberships Answered.

If you clicked on this episode, then I’m guessing that you already know WHAT the 

Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists membership exams are. Maybe you’re considering sitting them, or perhaps you’ve already put your hand up for 2025, but you still have so many questions. Like, how much time would I need to commit, how much study is required each week, HOW hard is it actually, WHAT do I need to study, and how do I set myself up for success? Should I do a course, how do I utilise me mentors, or my study group, and perhaps the most important question… WHY would I even put myself through it?!


This episode is made up of multiple conversations about surgery membership, and it will answer all of those questions and more. We talk to specialist surgeons Dr Chris Tan and Dr Mark Newman, as well as membership candidate (at the time of recording) Dr Stephen Mansour and recent successful membership candidate Dr Justin Ward. While the conversation focuses on surgery memberships, most of the information will be applicable to any of the specialties. 


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Oh, and if you were just curious about what membership exams are: the ANZCS (Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists) membership exams are rigorous assessments designed to evaluate the clinical knowledge and expertise of veterinarians who want to level up in their field of interest. Anyone with a degree that is eligible for registration in Australia or New Zealand and with more than 3.5 years in practice can register to sit memberships. The exams serve as a benchmark for professional excellence, enabling successful candidates to attain membership in the College, thereby recognising their advanced competency in a specific area of veterinary science. 

Still interested? Then keep listening!


Topics and time stamps

04:29 Exam Structure and Requirements

08:28 The Importance of Pathophysiology

12:52 Personal Experiences and Motivations

16:54 Balancing Study and Life

17:36 The Value of Membership Certification

26:59 Marketability and Practical Skills

29:36 Preparing for Membership Exams

31:21 Time Management and Study Schedules

35:56 Mentorship and Study Groups

48:17 Essential Study Resources

55:44 Balancing Study and Personal Life



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