#32: Healthy healthcare teams. With Roz Lindsay

Roz Lindsay’s career started as a veterinarian. After several years of working in clinical practice in both the UK and Australia, she transitioned into a career in human pharmaceuticals. This is where her interest in business, management and leadership was peaked, with a particular focus on the inner workings of teams within the healthcare professions. Fast forward to the present: these days Roz is an accomplished trainer and facilitator in her learning and development company for healthcare teams. (https://engageyourhealthcareleadership.com) She has a passion for people development with particular interests in leadership, team development and the neuroscience/psychology of human interaction. Her background in veterinary science with the subsequent years of experience in sales, customer service, operations and management in healthcare services outside of vet gives her a unique perspective into the challenges we face in our profession and is why we loved having her as a guest in the show and why we know you’ll love her content.

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