#35: Adventures of an Irish Cow Vet Dr Hazell Mullins.

Hazell Mullins is young and energetic and a little bit glamorous, but she’s also a very hardworking hardcore cow vet in her home country of Ireland. She shatters the stereotype of the tweed-hat-wearing bearded farm vet and is one of the fore-runners of what is the next generation of leaders in the large animal veterinary field. We chat to her about how things have changed for female farm vets over the last few years. Hazell tells us about the day to day life of an Irish farm vet, why spring is scary when you’re a cow vet on the British Isles and gives us her tips for preparing for periods of high stress. We discuss surviving on call, the merits of post-grad studying, using social media as a tool, and she tells us about her podcast, Vet Space Ireland, plus much much more. 

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