#43: Integrative practice, with Dr Gary Richter

What do you think when you hear the words ‘holistic’, or ‘alternative’. What about “complimentary”? These are terms that can evoke quite strong opinions and responses in many vets one way or another, right?
100% honest – I was a bit apprehensive about doing this interview. I’m a natural skeptic, and I was worried that our guest was going to be a bit  ‘out there” in his ideas, but I’m very glad that we took the time for this conversation. Turns out that, like me, and like you, Dr Gary Richter is a vet who cares about his patients and wants to find as many ways as he can to help them. He just happened to have found his niche in offering treatments that are a bit outside of the norm. And I must admit, it’s made me very curious.  

In our conversation, we dig up and chew on a few of the old bones on contention in our profession, like the role of alternative or complementary medicine in veterinary science, and the processed foods vs whole foods debate. Gary talks about integrative medicine as a practice model and as a business model, and he tells us about a few of his favourite and most useful therapeutic discoveries that he’s made on his explorations.   And of course we can’t talk about alternatives to a Californian vet without talking about cannibis!

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