#48: Burnout - Identification, Predispositions and Solutions with Prof Gordon Parker

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Professor Gordon Parker AO is Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of NSW. He is, amongst other things, founder of the Black Dog Institute, and Director of the Division of Psychiatry at Prince of Wales and Prince Henry Hospitals. In 2004 he received a Citation Laureate as the Australian Scientist most highly cited in Psychiatry/Psychology, and in 2018 he was a finalist for NSW Senior Australian of the Year. Oh, and that little AO that I read after his name is short for ‘Order of Australia’, which is awarded for distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or humanity at large.  He has published 20 books and over 1000 scientific papers, with his most recent book publication ‘Burnout – A Guide to Identifying Burnout and Pathways to Recovery’. This book encapsulates groundbreaking new research and clarifies what exactly burnout is, what it isn’t, what the risk factors are, how to spot it, prevent it, and fix it. 

And these are exactly the topics that we cover in this conversation with Prof Parker. We’re well aware that our profession is one of the highest risk professions for burnout, so arming ourselves with a better understanding of this nemesis is critical. 

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