#54: Telling the good from the bad and the ugly: In-house cytology tips. With Dr Brett Stone

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In this episode, we speak to Specialist Veterinary Clinical Pathologist Dr Brett Stone. Brett has extensive experience in both clinical pathology and histopathology. He has worked as a pathologist in Australia and the UK for over 15 years and has a special interest in cytology and immunocytochemistry. 

In our previous path episode with Dr Rebekkah Liffman, we talked about how to GET the perfect cytology sample. This time we’re going to look at it. And no – you shouldn’t just chuck it in one of those little blue boxes and send it on its merry way – you should have a look at it yourself. Tune in and you’ll hear why, and HOW. 

Brett starts with some great tips on how to get the most out of your microscope, and then gets onto the higher grade stuff, like what to look for, how to differentiate nasty from not so nasty, and how to plan your next steps, including deciding what samples you actually want to end up sending to the lab. 

Thank you to the SVS Pathology Network (https://www.vetqml.com.au/) for loaning Brett to us and for supporting this series of pathology episodes. Check out their other educational resources at the Clinical Excellence Support programme, which is a collection of pathology related continuing education talks, webinars and web content. (http://www.vetqml.com.au/NewsEvents/NewsEvents/EducationalVideos.aspx)

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