#55: Be More Forrest. With Dr Rob Pope.

Robert Pope is a British veterinarian, athlete and charity fundraiser. He is an elite distance runner, with a number of successes at the marathon and ultramarathon distances, including being the Australian marathon champion in 2015. In 2016 he completed a 422-day, 15,700-mile run (that’s about 600 marathons!) comprising more than 4 complete crossings of the United States, and became the first person to trace the route run by Tom Hanks’ fictional character in the film Forrest Gump.

Rob’s vet career includes a PhD, a long stint as an emergency vet, and journeys into Opthalmology and Imaging. Rob currently works at the Animal Trust – a not-for-profit veterinary company in the UK. 

He’s the author of a new book about his Forrest Gump adventure – Becoming Forrest (https://bit.ly/BeMoreForrest), a TED speaker, and the host of the Red Bull Being Superhuman podcast. As you can imagine – we had a LOT to chat about, like making career decisions, keeping your head above water in the current craziness that is vet work just about everywhere in the world, about courage and grit, great life advice, and of course – about running. Lots and lots of running!

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