#58: Money, and other dirty words. With Dr Sam Burke.

Why does it sting so much when a client accuses us of ‘just being in it for the money”. I think it hurts because for most of us money is really quite low on the list of what drives us, so much so that we often actively avoid talking about it, especially in terms of our own earnings, like it’s a taboo subject. But the things is – it IS also about the money. For most of us, at some point in our adult life, it’s very likely that you’ll find yourself thinking: “Hey, I could really do with a little bit more money!’ 

So how do we earn that little bit more money? How do we get over the erroneous belief that ‘there’s just no money in vet’?

Our guest for this episode is Dr Sam Burke. Sam is a practicing vet, former practice owner, investor and entrepreneur. He’s also a former colleague and a good friend, and one of the most-money wise people I know. If I have a money question a conversation with Sam is usually my first stop. So we thought we’d have one of those conversations on the air and share it with you to see if we can help change ‘money’ from a dirty word into just another word that we are comfortable talking about and comfortable generating. 

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