#64: Never work with animals. With Dr Gareth Steel.

“High consequence decision making in a complex environment, with imperfect data, on a budget.” 

The definition of GP vet practice, according to Gareth Steel!

Gareth has been a mixed practice vet for 20 years with experience across the UK and beyond. When he’s not on the front lines of clinical practice you’ll find him on a different kind of front line as a member of the British Army Reserves. He’s also a total outdoors adventure fanatic, but 2022 saw him embarking on a new adventure when he become a published author with the release of his Amazon best-selling book, ‘Never Work With Animals – The unfiltered truth about life as a vet’. 

We catch up to talk about some of the challenges and joys he describes in his book, like the phenomenon of “I did it tough, so you also need to suffer”, increased client expectations and how it affects how we do our work and our mindset, and what exactly constitutes an ‘acceptable standard of care.’ We touch on Gareth’s military career and look at the differences between a life in the military and the life of a vet, what he’s taken away from this time in the army, like learning the difference between ‘difficult and hard’. And of course, we discuss the book – why he chose to write it, who it’s for and how he hopes it will influence how the profession is perceived, both by our clients and by those within the profession. 

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