#66: Beyond the dip: a career waiting on the horizon. With Dr Aaron Forsayeth

How much do you dislike doing dentals? If you’re like most vets I’m guessing that the answer to that question is – “I dislike it rather a lot.” 

But then there’s that small minority of vets who just love teeth. Our guest for this episode, as you’ll hear, was NOT one of them, and yet these days that is exactly what he does all day, every day. And he loves it. 

Dr Aaron Forsayeth has been working in full-time dental referral practice since 2006, after starting his vet career with a decade in mixed and small animal practice. He is highly involved in the dentistry world in Australia, including a stint as the president of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society and a current role as Policy Councillor for the AVDS, the dentistry branch of the Australian Veterinary Association. 

Our conversation with Aaron covers, as you’d expect, a career in dentistry: why you’d want to do it, what’s good about it, what’s not so great, and pathways to becoming a veterinary dentist, but we go way beyond that. Aaron talks about his decision not to specialise, despite an obvious passion for what he does. We talk about that very common phenomenon of the 2-5 year ‘dip’ – when many vets find themselves disillusioned with their careers and possibly looking for an exit strategy, and how getting really good at something might be what you’re looking for. But first we kick off a detour on fashion…

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