#81: Tick paralysis update 2022: How to manage the antiserum shortage, and what’s new.


If you are a clinician working in a paralysis tick area of Australia then you’ll be well aware of the 2022 shortage of tick antiserum, and you very likely have some questions, like how do we ensure that we still do the best for our patients, where do our previous dose rates for TAS even come from, and why is it suddenly ok for us to use less? You might even be wondering how the vet boards will view deviations from the label dose if that’s what we’re required to do in response to the shortage. 

We’ve gathered some of the smartest people on the topic to get your questions answered. The smart people in question are Prof Rick Atwell, Dr Terry King, Dr Heather Russel and Dr Rob Webster, who are all members of the Tick Paralysis Advisory Panel, a group of veterinary and scientific experts who convene to review the latest scientific information regarding the prevention and management of tick paralysis to provide guidance and recommendations to vets and pet owners. This discussion covers what we know (and what we think we know!)  about paralysis ticks, their toxins and how it relates to antiserum dose, as well as new insights around managing tick cases beyond just TAS. 

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