#85: Reality minus expectations, and a guide on how not to screw over your colleagues with Dr Denis Verwilghen

How nice are you to your fellow veterinarians? It’s likely that most of us feel that we’re professional and supportive with a high degree of collegiality. But if this is true, then why is it that so many vets have experiences that don’t fit with this narrative – feelings of being ‘thrown under the bus’? 

Dr Denis Verwilghen is boarded in both large animal surgery and equine dentistry. He’s a graduate of the University of Ghent in Belgium and he’s currently the clinical director of Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital. The path between those two points has taken him on a journey across many continents, cultures and institutions and afforded him the opportunity to wear multiple hats within the vet space, and has given him a unique set of insights. And Denis feels that when it comes to collegiality, we can do better. 

In this conversation, we explore where and how we fall short when it comes to our working relationships with each other, including some less obvious ways in which we sometimes unintentionally undermine each other.  We also talk about career goals vs life goals and the personal cost of chasing these, Denis’s thoughts on making major life decisions, and what he’s learnt about happiness. 

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