#FIP Update: Everything You Need To Know with Dr Sally Coggins

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This two-part bonus series is an update on everything FIP from our clinical podcast series. There have been some major changes in this space over the last few months, most notably around the legal access to Remdesivir for animal use and the availability of an oral formulation of GS442524 in Australia and the UK through BOVA compounding. In this episode, we go to the front lines of therapy to create the most up to date FIP guide out there. 

We speak to Dr Sally Coggins, a feline vet and FIP researcher at Sydney University, about what they are learning about feline infectious peritonitis treatment. In part one we learn how to confirm your diagnosis, and we dig deep into Remdesivir – the drug that changed it all. 

Our co-host for these episodes is Dr Dave Collins – a medicine specialist from Sydney and the genius behind Vets On Tour, which is a series of veterinary conferences held in some of the world’s most spectacular places. If you fancy a bit of snow and apres-ski with your CPD you should check out https://www.vetsontour.com.au/ and start planning your New Zealand conference for 2022.

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