#FIP Update: Part 2: What if Remdisivir isn't an option? With Dr Sally Coggins.

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In part two of our bonus FIP series Dr Sally Coggins – feline vet and FIP researcher – tells us about other potentially useful treatments, like mefloquine for FIP. This could be particularly useful if you are not in Australia or the UK with access to BOVA’s legally compounded Remdesivir and oral GS44152. We also cover off on side effects of Remdisivir, as well as the practicalities of the treatment period, like how to help clients with painful injections, and speak to a vet nurse who treated her own cat for FIP to get an owner’s perspective. 

Joining us as co-host is Dr Dave Collins – medicine specialist and organiser of spectacular snow-based vet conferences with Vets On Tour, who are planning an awesome comeback conference in New Zealand for 2022 after having to cancel the last two years. Start planning at https://www.vetsontour.com.au/

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