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Get inspiration and rediscover your ‘vet mojo’ with our guest interviews from all across the profession.

Join our welcoming community of veterinary professionals who know that being a vet doesn’t have to suck! Where we support each other towards a fulfilling and happy ‘vet life.’

3 Clinical pearls, two non-vet things, and 1 thing to think about. 

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We believe that the talented, passionate humans who make up this profession have SO much value to bring to the world, and we’ll help you do just that.

You’ll find inspiration and fresh perspectives in our non-clinical podcasts to help you navigate your career with confidence and joy and to transform the veterinary narrative into one where you can flourish in the meaningful career that you imagined when you set out on this journey.
Our clinical podcasts, where we ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask of world-class specialists, provide the knowledge and skills you’ll need to feel competent and confident. Because work is way more fun when you know your stuff.

Our Clinical Podcasts

Mastering your clinical expertise plays a huge role in unlocking your full potential as a vet. Competence breeds confidence, and confidence is key!

Our Clinical podcasts are specifically designed to enhance your clinical knowledge and to fight those imposter feelings. We tap into the expertise of world-class specialists in small animal medicine, surgery and emergency and critical care. Through engaging conversations, you'll recap essential insights, get the updates, learn pro tips, and avoid common pitfalls. No lectures, no rehashing of textbook information, just. "This is what I do”. With two fresh episodes each week and a bank of over 400 episodes, we’ll keep you well-informed and empowered.

We believe podcasts offer the most convenient and engaging way to deliver fresh ideas directly to you.
Connect one-on-one with experts through your headphones and stay up-to-date without the hassle of sifting through hours of articles, textbooks, and webinars. Each episode is also backed up by beautiful searchable show notes so you can refresh your memory later on.

The freshest insights from the best minds on everything you need to know to help you save the lives of those critical patients.

All the insights, tips, pitfalls and updates you need to make sure you are the go-to person in your practice for those tricky medicine cases.

Get insights from some of the most experienced specialist surgeons out there on how to make sure your time in theatre has the best possible outcomes.

Listener Reviews

"This podcast is amazing! As a recent graduate, I have learnt so much from listening to the Vet Vault, from both a clinical and non-clinical perspective. It has been so exciting to learn from guests (and Hubert and Gerardo!) with so many years of experience in the industry.

This resource is invaluable and definitely the best veterinary podcast I have come across. I’ve been listening since the podcast started back when I was still in vet school and it just keeps getting better.

I’m about to take the leap from GP into ECC and I’m so grateful for the clinical episodes, the content is always so practical. Thank you for creating such an incredible resource for vets.”
- Hannah
"I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the podcasts. Mostly listen to the small animal medicine and emergency podcasts and find the topics interesting and relevant.

Between mothering and work, it has been really difficult to find the time for continuing education and these podcasts are the perfect bite-sized pieces to keep me up to date.

The information presented is non-pretentious and very practical and has made the transition back into the workforce after a short hiatus a lot easier.

I thought having three kids would have caused irreversible cortical atrophy but apparently not!"
- Rebecca

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Join our community of vet professionals who know that being a vet doesn't have to suck! Where we support each other towards a fulfilling and happy 'vet life.'

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Our chat rooms are designed for asking questions, and our clinical podcasts have their own discussion area for subscribers to get their queries answered.

To make the most of this community, bring love, share your stories and experiences, and add your knowledge and wisdom.

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