#MitralValve Disease Update with Dr Clint Yudelman

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We chose to share this episode on mitral valve disease from our clinical podcast series (vvn.supercast.com) because I went into this interview thinking that, after 20 years in practice, I wasn’t really going to learn many new things…I was wrong!

Our guest for this series on canine heart disease is medicine specialist Dr Clint Yudelman, and in this series he talks us through so many critically important concepts, like differentiating the cardiac cough from the non-cardiac cough, when to start treating, which combinations of meds is best for each stage, when to escalate your treatment, HOW to escalate, what to look for on ultrasound, why many of your heart patients should probably be on Viagra, and much more. There are several potentially paradigm-shifting ideas in here, or at least there was for me, and it’s too good not to share.

You can contact Clint at clint@insightmvd.com.au if you are in Victoria and in need of some in-house help with your cardiac or other complicated medical cases. 

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