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Do you simply work in veterinary science, or could you make veterinary science work for you?

There are key people from every part of the veterinary profession who just seem to get it right, who have conquered the elusive “balance”. How do they do it? How do they stay motivated and passionate in an industry that is plagued with burnout and fatigue. In the Vet Vault we dive deep with some of the most inspiring and energised vets from around the world to unlock the tips, tools and inspiration for making veterinary science work for you.  Gerardo and Hubert are on a mission to unstitch the veterinary profession and all of it’s quirks in this provoking, stimulating and entertaining podcast.

About the Vet Vault 

The Vet Vault is a space where we talk to high performing individuals from varying niches of the veterinary profession who have found ways to thrive in their careers and make veterinary science work for them. From cutting edge specialists to inspired new graduates – we unlock knowledge and passion through open and honest conversations to reveal the thoughts, beliefs and habits that will launch your veterinary career sky high.

Each guest brings with them unique insights. Our conversations cover important topics like mindset, confidence and competence, career pathways, mental health, wellness, resilience, thought patterns, dealing with fear and uncertainty and having the right values, goals and attitude to succeed. Regardless where you are in your career, you’re bound to uncover something useful in each episode.  We sure did! 

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Recent Podcasts...

#31 Are you ready for practice ownership? With Dr. Zach Lederhose

In this episode of our business and leadership series we speak to Dr. Zach Lederhose. Zach was about 2 years out of university and just 26 years old when he took the plunge into practice ownership. Ownership is a long term goal for many vets, but most of us feel that we need a certain level of age or expertise before we can even begin to consider it. But is that necessarily true? In our conversation we cover career progression, plateaus, pivots, and taking the road less travelled. Zac talks us through his decision making process leading to him buying the practice, and talks us through some of the challenges he’s faced. He gives advice on how to prepare yourself for a leadership role and how to prepare your new team for change. We talk about making ‘good’ mistakes, creating your ‘inner circle and how to put processes in place to guard against burnout. And if you’re already a business owner or a more seasoned vet – don’t be fooled by Zac’s age: this episode offers some sound business principles.

VV Clinical: Next level imaging of the GI tract, with Prof. Alice Defarges (Part 2)

In this episode Alice talks about imaging of the gi tract when you suspect gastro-intestinal bleeding, and specifically the use of capsule endoscopy. This is not an entirely new thechnology, but for a long time it’s been very limited in it’s usefulness to veterinarians. However, in recent years advances in tech in this field has significantly increased it’s utility. Alice talks us through when to use it, how to use it, what it’s not good for, and what it’ great for. Our guest for this episode is brought to you by ALICAM. ALICAM is the world’s first veterinary capsule endoscopy unit. It’s a revolutionary way to easily image the gastro-intestinal tract with unsurpassed detail and accuracy, and is achievable at any level of practice. 

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VV Clinical 3: Non-haemolytic anaemia and gastrointestinal bleeding, with Prof. Alice Defarges

Professor Alice Defarges is a professor of small animal internal medicine, and in this episode she tells us how to work up and successfully diagnose cases with non-haemolytic anaemia, and specifically GI bleeding. Our guest today is brought to you by ALICAM. ALICAM is the world’s first veterinary capsule endoscopy unit. Alicam is distributed in Australia by Fourlimb Surgical Solutions. 
To find out more about Alicam and to get a listener discount on your first order, go to www.Fourlimb.com.au/Alicam.

#30 Journeys of a Free Range Surgeon With Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar

If you’re anything like us you might have some preconceptions about surgery and surgeons. Our guest for this episode, Dr Bronwyn Fullagar, will flip those ideas of yours on their heads. Bronwyn is a board certified specialist surgeon who has a different take on what it means, and what it takes, to be a surgeon. When there is not a global viral pandemic she travels the world as a locum surgeon, and in between work stints she shares her skills at several charity organisations in some pretty awesome locations. We dig deep into a career in surgery: what it takes, what it looks like – the good and and the bad, including some practical advice on how to become a surgeon . She gives us her tips on how to stop ‘post-op panic’ about things going wrong with your cases, and she shares with us about finding her passion, loving the journey, picking your mentors, how working in the US compares to a career in Australia, and much much more. 

VV Clinical: A practical guide to diagnosing coagulopathy, Part 2.

In part 2 we cover secondary coagulopathy, including the coagulation cascade. Bruce gives us the most simple and memorable explanation of that Y-shaped beast that you’ll ever hear, and we learn how and when to use the tests of secondary coagulation: Activated clotting time, APTT and APT. We get deep into the weeds of the most commonly seen causes that will disrupt the coagulation cascade, and Bruce also clarifies some of the ‘unusual suspects’ – the congenital factor abnormalities.
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