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Just a Vet. Just a Vet Nurse. Self-Sacrifice, Long Hours, Bad Pay, Grumpy Clients, Disillusion, Regret. 

At the Vet Vault we refuse to believe this narrative. We KNOW that a career in veterinary science can be one the best decisions you’ve ever made. 

We help you find the tools to help you create the career that you always dreamed of. To be your best, to make a difference, without having to sacrifice your own wellbeing in the process. 

We believe that as a group, and as individuals, the talented, intelligent and passionate humans who make up this profession have SO much value to bring the world. And we want to help you to do just that.

The Vet Vault is a space where we talk to high performing individuals from varying niches of the veterinary profession who have found ways to thrive in their careers and make veterinary science work for them. From cutting edge specialists to inspired new graduates – we unlock knowledge and passion through open and honest conversations to reveal the thoughts, beliefs and habits that will help you create the career that you always dreamed you’d have. 

In the Vet Vault Thrive podcast we dive deep with some of the most inspiring and energised people in and around the vet profession to unlock the tips, tools and inspiration for making veterinary science work for you.  Gerardo and Hubert are on a mission to unstitch the veterinary profession and all of it’s quirks in this thought provoking, stimulating and entertaining podcast.

In the Vet Vault Clinical podcasts we pick the brains of world class specialists in small animal medicine, surgery, and emergency and critical care to find all the insights, updates, tips and pitfalls that you need to lift your clinical knowledge to new levels. Three episodes per week. No lectures – just the stuff you need to know for better patient outcomes and to improve your clinical confidence. 

Unplug. Connect. Grow.

We’ve managed to pin down Prof David Church and Prof Jill Maddison, two of the biggest heavyweights in small animal medicine.

This is not your average veterinary learning event – we’re going full Vet Vault! Less lecture, more discussion. Less passive, more engaged. Questions – LOTS of questions! Interviews, cases, workshops. The more you bring, the more you get.

But we’re not coming all the way to Noosa just to learn, right? This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we plan on making the most of it with kayaking, beach mornings, hiking and cooking and Gin tasting.

Sounds amazing right?

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Join us for
4 Days of world-class learning, great vibes, awesome people & a glorious location


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