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Do you simply work in veterinary science, or could you make veterinary science work for you?

There are key people from every part of the veterinary profession who just seem to get it right, who have conquered the elusive “balance”. How do they do it? How do they stay motivated and passionate in an industry that is plagued with burnout and fatigue. In the Vet Vault we dive deep with some of the most inspiring and energised vets from around the world to unlock the tips, tools and inspiration for making veterinary science work for you.  Gerardo and Hubert are on a mission to unstitch the veterinary profession and all of it’s quirks in this provoking, stimulating and entertaining podcast.

About the Vet Vault 

The Vet Vault is a space where we talk to high performing individuals from varying niches of the veterinary profession who have found ways to thrive in their careers and make veterinary science work for them. From cutting edge specialists to inspired new graduates – we unlock knowledge and passion through open and honest conversations to reveal the thoughts, beliefs and habits that will launch your veterinary career sky high.

Each guest brings with them unique insights. Our conversations cover important topics like mindset, confidence and competence, career pathways, mental health, wellness, resilience, thought patterns, dealing with fear and uncertainty and having the right values, goals and attitude to succeed. Regardless where you are in your career, you’re bound to uncover something useful in each episode.  We sure did! 

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Recent Podcasts...

Special Episode: Helping the helpers. Bushfire special series with Liz Crowe – Part Two

In part two Liz tells us how we can best support someone who is caught up in a challenging situation, like the fires that our Aussie vets and thousands of other workers are currently dealing with. Watching our friends an colleagues give so much of themselves is inspiring, but sometimes we feel powerless to help if we aren’t right there on the front lines. Liz gives us the best answer I’ve heard so far on how we can be useful from afar.

Here are those resources again for listeners who need help during this challenging time:

Treatment guidelines for burn wounds and smoke inhalation:  https://www.animalemergencyservice.com.au/news/vetapedia/emergency-burns-info/

Liz’s blog on wellbeing, part one:  https://www.stemlynsblog.org/wellbeing-for-the-broken-part-1-liz-crowe-for-st-emlyns/

Part two:  https://www.stemlynsblog.org/wellbeing-for-the-broken-part-2-st-emlyns/

And if you want to help your colleagues financially – The Australian Veterinary Association’s Benevolent Fund:  https://www.ava.com.au/donate/

Special Episode: Staying strong so you can keep helping. Bushfire special series with Liz Crowe – Part One

This is a special episode that we’re rushing out as a resource to our colleagues who are caught in the apocalyptic bushfire crisis that Australia is currently experiencing, but also for anyone who wants to support those in the crisis but feel unequipped to do so. Beyond the current crisis – we also believe that the advice from this episode’s spectacular guest will be a valuable resource to anyone who ever finds themselves in a crisis situation, or regularly deals with traumatic situations that puts them at risk of  compassion fatigue, burnout, and dark days in general. Our guest is Liz Crowe. Liz is  an Advanced Clinician Social Worker who has worked extensively for 20 years with individuals, families and children impacted by grief, loss, trauma, crisis and bereavement.

Episode #21: Resilience is not a personality trait, with veterinary coach Carolyne Crowe.

Carolyne Crowe worked for 11 years as an equine vet both in the UK and in New Zealand before deciding to shift her energy from primarily helping animals to helping people by becoming  an award winning personal performance coach, mentor, international speaker, researcher and lecturer.She has a Master’s degree in Workplace Health and Wellbeing and continues to research this field. She is a master trainer in DISC behavioural profiling, a CPCAB trainer in Stress management and Wellbeing, a certified trainer in Resilience, a Mental Health First Aider, and an Honorary Lecturer of the University of Liverpool. She was awarded “Life Coach of the year 2015” at the International Coaching Awards, became an honorary Fellow of The Coaching Academy in 2016 and a founding member of the Coaching of Excellence accreditation in 2019.  So basically – when it comes to building a fulfilled career in veterinary science, or anywhere for that matter – you’ll want to hear what Carolyne has to say.

Episode #20: Freedom is not the absence of responsibilities. It’s choosing which responsibilities you take. With Travelling Vet Helga Kausel

Helga Kausel, better known as the travelling vet, is best known for her inspirational Instagram account, where she shares her veterinary journey and real life travelling journeys. When Helga is not being the travelling vet she is an equine vet in Germany, and when she is travelling she uses her skills, influence and the money that she generates through her social media accounts to improve animal welfare wherever she can. Check out her incredible adventures and the impact that she’s had at travelling_vet on instagram, or on her blog, travellingvet.blog.

Episode #19: You CAN have it all, just not all at the same time, with Dr. Olivia James

Dr Olivia James is one of the leaders in the field of equine dentistry. She is months away from finishing her diplomate examinations, which will make her a specialist, and the highest qualified equine dentist in the Southern Hemisphere. Olivia has worked in veterinary practices in regional Australia both in mixed and equine hospitals since graduating from the University of Sydney with honours in 2003. In 2010, when her second son was just one year old, she started her own equine practice, sold in 2018 to concentrate on her studies and start her current business, Australian Veterinary Equine Dentistry.