#125: Life After Practice Ownership, Locuming Pro Tips, Where Telemedicine Could Fit Into Your Vet Life, And Blurring The Lines Between Work and Fun. With Dr Wolfgang Dohne.

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Many of us dream of building a practice, and then one day selling it and walking off into the sunset, minus responsibilities, and with our money problems solved. But what actually happens after what’s supposed to be ‘the big goal’? Who are you when you’re no longer the boss, and what’s next? 

In this episode, ⁠Dr Wolfgang Dohne⁠ tells us how he re-invented and reinvigorated his career post the sale of his practice.  He also give shares what he’s learnt about being a professional locum vet: the pro tips, the pros, and the cons, and what working in telemedicine has taught him about telemedicine as a career option, and also its potential role in our everyday lives in clinical practice. 

Topics and Time stamps

04:41 Balancing Work and Personal Life

13:47 The Decision to Sell and Its Impact

23:30 Embracing Locum Work and Telemedicine

28:16 Tips for Successful Locuming

35:22 Overcoming Locum Anxiety

35:45 Essential Tools for Locum Success

36:31 Navigating Different Practice Management Systems

40:51 Building Strong Relationships with Nursing Teams

44:25 Introduction to Telemedicine

48:50 Practical Applications of Telemedicine

53:01 Integrating Telemedicine into Practice


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