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#40: Niche Practice and Rubbery Numbers with Dr Randolph Baral

This episdoe is a bit of a hybrid between our standard performance episodes and a clinical one. We speak to Dr Randolph Baral, who owns and works in a feline-only practice in Sydney, Australia. But Randolph doesn’t just like staying up to date with what’s new for his patients – he prefers to stay at the forefront by doing his own research. This has led to him gaining his memberships feline medicine, a pHD in clinical pathology, being a regular contributor on VIN, and authoring a string of publications and articles on all things clin path.

We talk to Randolph about the benefits of niche practice and about being a researcher while also being a clinician and practice owner, but the bulk of our conversation is around Randolph’s insights around his pet topic: variation in blood results, how we interpret our blood results, and more specifically BETTER ways of thinking about our results.

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#39: Get To Know Your Hosts, Part 1 with Dr Hubert Hiemstra

I recently had the privilege to be interviewed by my podcast/business coach, James Whittaker. James is an author, film producer, entrepreneur, all-round great guy and host of the Win The Day podcast. We thought we’d share it with you here on the Vet Vault, because 

A – If you’re a podcaster and you get handed a well-executed pre-edited bit of audio then you’d be a fool not to use it.

B – We discuss a few things in the conversation that we think could be of value to some of you.

C – Maybe it’s time you got to know us a bit better!

Enjoy. Hugh

Check out James’ podcast at

If you have a podcast or a digital business, or you’re considering starting one…this is where I learnt a lot of what I know: 

Highly recommended. As a member of the tribe, I get a 20% discount code to share with friends: use the code VET for your discount. 

#FIP: A Cure For FIP: Dr Dave Collins

You know that virus that the entire world hates at the moment? Yes – the C-word. Well, us vets have hated it for a long time, because it’s been killing our feline patients relentlessly in it’s mutated form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis long before the rest of the world ever heard the name ‘corona’. Well, that might be about to change… 

In this episode, we share some highlights of a recording we recently released on the Vet Vault Clinical small animal medicine podcast with our resident medicine specialist, Dr Dave Collins. Join in to find out all the details about some new treatments that are showing very high cure rates for FIP. It’s simply too important not to share. We hope you find it as enlightening as we did, and please remember to share it with your colleagues so we can get the word out there. 

Dr Dave also gave us access to some detailed notes on everything we know about Remdesivir, one of the drugs we talk about, including a comprehensive treatment protocol. If you want to get your hands on these go to and subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll send them to you. 

For exclusive clinical content and this full episode, where we also cover the ins and outs of diagnosing FIP, which you’ll know can be a challenge in itself.  Go and check it out our subscription channel at

#38: Behaviour: Vets, Pets & Clients with Dr Sarah Heath

Dr Sarah Heath is an RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine and was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2018. She is an External Lecturer in small animal behavioural medicine on the veterinary undergraduate course at Liverpool University. In 2019 she gained her Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Education and became a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority. She is a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist under the ASAB accreditation scheme and registered as a Veterinary Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. 

She sees clinical cases across North West England and has a special interest in the interplay between emotional and physical illness in dogs and cats and particularly in the role of pain. She promotes the recognition of emotional health issues in companion animals and the role of the veterinary profession in safeguarding the welfare of animals in this context. Sarah lectures extensively, at home and abroad, on behavioural medicine and is an author, co-author and editor of several books.

#37: Big Goals, Small Steps with Dr Mark Kelman

Dr Mark Kelman is a veterinarian, independent scientific researcher, social philanthropist and investor. He’s had a wildly varying career, from working as a graduate at the RSPCA, working in general practice, as Technical Services Manager for Companion Animals at Virbac Animal Health, then as an independent scientific researcher and consultant, all the while running his own in property investing company and writing a book on property investing. 

While with Virbac, Mark created Disease WatchDog, Australia’s national pet disease surveillance system that operated from 2010 to 2017, which has collected considerable data and has resulted in a number of peer- reviewed scientific publications, many of which Mark has co-authored. 

#36: The Pursuit of Guilt-Free Practice Ownership with Dr Kathy Anderson

Dr Kathy Anderson has been a practice owner for almost 5 years, and under her guidance, the practice has grown from a 2 man business to a bustling 6 vet practice and has seen a remarkable increase in revenue. Which is impressive in itself, but if I told you that she chose to enter ownership when she had two very young kids, one of them a 2-year-old who wasn’t even sleeping through the night, you’d probably think she’s crazy, right? But here’s the thing – she’s loved her journey and still loves practice ownership and veterinary work. You’d have to look long and hard to meet someone with her level of positivity and enthusiasm for work. 

Our conversation with Kathy covers all aspects of pursuing balance, like how to ensure time off for yourself, Kathy’s tips for happy teams and profitable business, the practicalities of mixing young kids and owning a business, and guilt… something that most parents/ business owners would be all too familiar with. We chat about self-care and our responsibilities in caring for others, about the role of telemedicine in Kathy’s practice, and much much more. 

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