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Tag: post-op management

Open wound management 1-2

Wounds, open wound, healing, wound closure, phases of healing, dressing choice, exudative wounds, Alginates, Manuka Honey, post-op management, debridement, contaminated wound, delayed healing

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Femur head and neck ostectomy

Orthopaedic surgery, femoral head ostectomy, oscillating saw, osteotome, patient positioning, post-op management, rehabilitation, bupivacaine, sciatic nerve injury, slipped capital physis, acetabulatar fracture, Legg-Calve Perthes disease

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Surgical wound complications

Wounds, wound complication,wound closure, healing, surgical complication, dehiscence, necrosis, seroma, biosecurity measures, post-op management, Halstead’s principles, tension relief, reconstructive surgery

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Surgical drains

Surgical drain, dead space, clean wounds, contaminated wounds, abscess, Penrose drain, closed suction drain, post-op management, drain removal

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Intestinal surgery 1-2

GI surgery, surgical complications, septidc peritonitis, enterotomy, dehiscence, blood pressure monitoring, suture material, ileus, gastroprotectants, prokinetics, post-op management

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