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Tag: rehabilitation

Femur head and neck ostectomy

Orthopaedic surgery, femoral head ostectomy, oscillating saw, osteotome, patient positioning, post-op management, rehabilitation, bupivacaine, sciatic nerve injury, slipped capital physis, acetabulatar fracture, Legg-Calve Perthes disease

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Forelimb lameness 1-2

Lameness, forelimb lameness, elbow dysplasia, elbow pain, shoulder pain, osteochondrosis, NSAIDs, muscle atrophy, joint effusion, Campbell’s test, rehabilitation, arthroscopy, osteoarthritis

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Cranial cruciate disease 1-2

Cruciate surgery, cruciate ligament, meniscal injury, drawer sign, non-weight bearing lameness, TPLO, TTA, prophylactic meniscal release, rehabilitation, medical management, Bulldogs

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