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Tag: vetvault

Episode 99: Betterinary. With Dr Heidi Hulon.

#99: Betterinary. With Dr Heidi Hulon. Confession: sometimes I get tired of wellness discussions, with the constant barrage of advice on resilience and burnout prevention. Not because it’s not important, but because it often feels like these conversations boil down

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Embracing Vulnerability: A Journey to Self-Kindness

A story about self-kindness, the art of vulnerability, and our perceived obligations, shared by none other than the insightful Philip McKernan on one of our episodes. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Self-kindness? That sounds pretty straightforward. But my friends, it’s a slippery concept. In our everyday hustle, we often neglect this simple yet profound act, and that’s precisely what Philip urges us to reconsider.

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Redefining End-of-Life Care: A Venture into Veterinary Palliative and Hospice Care

Have you ever found yourself so deeply moved by a notion that shifts your perspective, and changes the way you see the world? Well, pull up a chair and settle down, because we’ve got quite the story for you. In one of our recent podcast episodes, Dr Shea Cox invites us into an area of veterinary science that is emerging and incredibly important yet is often overshadowed – the field of palliative and hospice care for pets.

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Episode 96: The Day You Didn’t Die. With Dr Doug Mader

#96: The Day You Didn’t Die. With Dr Doug Mader Dr Doug Mader is a triple board-certified veterinary specialist and has been a veterinarian for nearly four decades. He is an internationally recognised speaker, has written three best-selling medical textbooks,

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