Dr Hubert Hiemstra

Meet Hubert, the friendly voice behind The Vet Vault and Vet Vault Clinical Podcasts. 

Hubert started his veterinary career in South Africa in 1997 and has since spanned 2 decades and three continents, including a stint working in the United Kingdom and later starting and running his own emergency practice in Western Australia for nearly a decade. This inspired his mission to pick at the frayed edges of the vet profession to try to find the common threads that can lead to a fulfilling life with a veterinary degree and the right mindset.

Through The Vet Vault, Hubert has reached hundreds of thousands of veterinary professionals worldwide, helping them navigate their careers more effectively. The Vet Vault Clinical Podcasts, in particular, address knowledge gaps by asking JUST the right questions of some very smart specialists, empowering veterinarians to enhance their clinical skills, patient care, and professional passion.

When he’s not in his clinical or podcasting roles, Hugh enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and three energetic boys, a good surf, a long run or any activity that gets him out in nature, and pursuing his interests in writing and mentoring.

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