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Do you simply work in veterinary science, or could you make veterinary science work for you?

There are key people from every part of the veterinary profession who just seem to get it right, who have conquered the elusive “balance”. How do they do it? How do they stay motivated and passionate in an industry that is plagued with burnout and fatigue. In the Vet Vault we dive deep with some of the most inspiring and energised vets from around the world to unlock the tips, tools and inspiration for making veterinary science work for you.  Gerardo and Hubert are on a mission to unstitch the veterinary profession and all of it’s quirks in this provoking, stimulating and entertaining podcast.

About the Vet Vault 

The Vet Vault is a space where we talk to high performing individuals from varying niches of the veterinary profession who have found ways to thrive in their careers and make veterinary science work for them. From cutting edge specialists to inspired new graduates – we unlock knowledge and passion through open and honest conversations to reveal the thoughts, beliefs and habits that will launch your veterinary career sky high.

Each guest brings with them unique insights. Our conversations cover important topics like mindset, confidence and competence, career pathways, mental health, wellness, resilience, thought patterns, dealing with fear and uncertainty and having the right values, goals and attitude to succeed. Regardless where you are in your career, you’re bound to uncover something useful in each episode.  We sure did! 

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Recent Podcasts...

#59: Culture. With Drs Dave Nicol and Dermot McInerney.

Culture. It can be hard to put your finger on it, yet in the setting of a vet practice, it permeates the work areas, floats into reception and beyond and ricochets off the walls. You can feel it when you walk in the door. Long ago I sat in the reception area waiting for my interview at a practice where I ended up spending many years of life.  I distinctly remember sitting there and thinking: “I don’t like the feel of this place.” It took me more than a decade to figure out that what I felt that day was a broken culture. 

So what do we do about it? That’s the question we ask of our guests for this episode. We’re joined by Dr Dave Nicol – author, speaker, coach, doctor, practice owner, head vet, podcaster, and founder of VetX International and his teammate Dr Dermot McInerney. Dermot serves as the VetX International Head of Veterinary Partnerships and Research, and is the main author of the VetX research article “Leadership actions and their effects on veterinary practice culture“, and it’s this article and the concepts around it that we got together to discuss. Dave and Dermot answer important questions, like the current crisis that the vet profession finds itself in, the role bad culture in this crisis, what toxic workplace behaviour looks like, how leaders can help create thriving workplace cultures, and why you don’t have to a ‘leader’ to influence culture. 

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#MitralValve Disease Update with Dr Clint Yudelman

Episode Downloads:

We chose to share this episode on mitral valve disease from our clinical podcast series ( because I went into this interview thinking that, after 20 years in practice, I wasn’t really going to learn many new things…I was wrong!

Our guest for this series on canine heart disease is medicine specialist Dr Clint Yudelman, and in this series he talks us through so many critically important concepts, like differentiating the cardiac cough from the non-cardiac cough, when to start treating, which combinations of meds is best for each stage, when to escalate your treatment, HOW to escalate, what to look for on ultrasound, why many of your heart patients should probably be on Viagra, and much more. There are several potentially paradigm-shifting ideas in here, or at least there was for me, and it’s too good not to share.

You can contact Clint at if you are in Victoria and in need of some in-house help with your cardiac or other complicated medical cases. 

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#58: Money, and other dirty words. With Dr Sam Burke.

Why does it sting so much when a client accuses us of ‘just being in it for the money”. I think it hurts because for most of us money is really quite low on the list of what drives us, so much so that we often actively avoid talking about it, especially in terms of our own earnings, like it’s a taboo subject. But the things is – it IS also about the money. For most of us, at some point in our adult life, it’s very likely that you’ll find yourself thinking: “Hey, I could really do with a little bit more money!’ 

So how do we earn that little bit more money? How do we get over the erroneous belief that ‘there’s just no money in vet’?

Our guest for this episode is Dr Sam Burke. Sam is a practicing vet, former practice owner, investor and entrepreneur. He’s also a former colleague and a good friend, and one of the most-money wise people I know. If I have a money question a conversation with Sam is usually my first stop. So we thought we’d have one of those conversations on the air and share it with you to see if we can help change ‘money’ from a dirty word into just another word that we are comfortable talking about and comfortable generating. 

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#57:Pee is the key: how to unlock your cases with perfect-practice urinalysis. With Dr Kristen.

For such a seemingly simple sample there’s a lot you can learn from a urinalysis. Many of us also have a fair amount of uncertainty around much of the ‘how’ of urine sample handling, analysis and interpretation. It’s also the one bit of lab work where being good at in-house testing can make a big difference to the reliability of your results. 

We KNOW you’ll have had some disagreements at some point in your career about at least a few of the questions we answer in this episode, like fridge vs benchtop, how old is too old for a urine sample, how long after starting antibiotics can you still culture, is it even worth culturing a free-flow sample, WHEN should I culture, can you trust your dipstick, can you trust AI, why some urinary bugs just won’t die, and what the heck is the deal with casts?! I also suspect that, like us, you’ll learn a few things that you didn’t even KNOW you should know. 

Our guest is Dr Kristen Todhunter, a pathologist for the SVS Pathology Network who confesses to having a bit of a soft spot for all things microbiology. She answers all of the questions we’ve ever had around how to get the most from your urinalysis. 

Thanks to the SVS Pathology Network, who our Aussie listeners will know as Vetnostics in NSW, QML Vetnostics in Queensland, TML Vetnostics in Tasmania, ASAP in Victoria and Vetpath in WA, for providing us with the brainpower for our pathology series and for supporting the podcast. If you love new toys and tech (or if you like lasers!) you should definitely check out this video about Maldi TOF spectrometry – the amazing new technology that will explain why SVS clients will now get super-fast turnaround times for their microbiology testing. 

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#56: Ready, set… with Dr Moriah McCauley.

It’s the end of the academic year, and around the world, thousands of final year vet students are facing the start of their careers. It’s an exciting time with a lot of optimism, but likely also a fair whack of anxiety. There are so many major decisions to make, and you’ve heard so many scary stories about life as a vet?! 

This is why we’re having this conversation with Dr Moriah McCauley. Moriah is on the other side of this breakwater between student life and vet life. Just more than a year out of vet school, still keeping her head above water, still at her first job as a small animal GP practitioner, and mostly enjoying it, despite the massive curveball that a global pandemic has thrown at her and her friends. 

But Moriah is not your average recent grad. Well, she is, but she has an unfair advantage: when she was a student she started That Vet Life Podcast (, and in later 2021 her and the podcast joined VetX International as part of a global team of mentors. On the podcast, she’s had dozens of in-depth conversations with experienced vets about how to survive and thrive as a veterinarian. This means that she has been accumulating the skills needed to navigate this profession for a long time, unlike most of us who learn the hard way!

So this one is for you new grads of the world, bravely facing the adventure that awaits: we talk about picking the right first job, the things that still surprised Moriah about real life as a vet, tips for survival, making sure you keep growing, and Moriah gives us a guide to setting up the RIGHT kind of mentoring relationships. 

But it’s also for you senior vets, managers and bosses, who will be in charge of taking care of our new colleagues. You need to hear what Moriah has to say about her first year out – about how she planned her growth with the help of mentors, about what her and her classmates value, what they need, why they leave jobs, and what they can bring to your business. 

Thank you to the team at Heska Australia for helping us to support you by supporting the podcast. Visit to find out how to streamline your in-house lab work and digital radiology for faster simpler and reliable diagnostics. 

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