#45: 6 Second Hugs and Other Resilience Tools with Dr Hannetjie Van Zyl-Edeling

Dr Hannetjie Van Zyl-Edeling is a counselling psychologist, mediator, author and artist, amongst other things. You’ll know that our goal at the Vet Vault is to help you create a sustainable and thriving life around your veterinary career. This is exactly why we HAD to speak to Hannetjie, because she believes that we can use our minds to help create our best life and find meaning, even in challenging circumstances. (And let’s face it – even the dream veterinary career will throw plenty of challenges your way!)

Hannetjie is in private practice and holds workshops and talks for the public and professionals about preventive nutrition, stress, eating disorders, positive living and ageing, ethics and spiritual living. She’s featured regularly on television and radio and advises journalists on preventive nutrition, stress, ethics, spiritual living and positive ageing. Her mission is to assist people in managing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves in such a way as to grow and reach their fullest potential.

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